More than 200 employees at your service daily repairing your devices according to the standards of each manufacturer

Innovation and Technology

Our Innovation and Development (I&D) department is responsible for updating the knowledge of our technical departments, assisting our partners as well as constantly seeking more effective solutions and reporting them to manufacturers.

Our customers

For more than 20 years leading electronic repair and service of electronic devices, our priority has been only one over the years, helping our customers. Whether they’re end consumers, retailers, insurers, telecom operators or distributors, when they need help, we’re ready.

Quality and continuous improvement

Through our integrated quality system, we constantly monitor and analyze our quality indicators.

Concerned with our environment

Our service delivery has a natural concern with the protection of the environment as we help to extend the life of electronic devices, but we always like to go further. Through an ISO 14001 system certification, we intend to make sure that both our employees and our structures can form a more efficient organization, fully complying with environmental legislation and rationally using the available resources.

Ensuring GDPR compliance

We ensure that the regulation is always fully complied. Through a Data Protection Officer (DPO) we define the responsibility of implementing and managing our internal strategy on processing our customer´s data always with a single idea in mind, the security of the data that is provided to us.

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