Our history

TAMET S.A. is a repair center whose history began in 1996 to specialize in the service and repair of mobile phones, rooters and setup boxes. We have a strong Telecom expertise combining the technique linked to radio frequency, direct service to consumers or through distributors, operators, insurance brokers or e-commerce.

Pierre-Henri TAMET, Owner & General Manager TAMET Group

Over the last 10 years, our company has invested 3.5 million euros to monitor technological developments (from 2.5 G to 5G) and user requirements. Our 20 years of experience have made our organization evolve around 8 businesses that are:

  • Mastering external logistics to collect, deliver products all over Europe or intervene at the customer’s in Portugal (Continental and Islands).
  • Rigorous internal flow logistics to circulate and trace 2000 products per day from receipt to shipment;
  • Software-driven diagnostics and final control driven by our RF power and network simulators.
  • Repair by our technicians supported by our semi-automatic welding machines and our test and calibration benches to restore a product that meets the standard in terms of frequency, power and electromagnetism.
  • Telecom R&D to troubleshoot complex, develop technical bulletins, organize training and manage equipment of technical laboratories.
  • Customer service in constant relation with Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors, Insurers / Brokers and Users. These are also welcomed in our 3 service shops in Lisbon and Porto.
  • Automated spare parts management, whose team supplies our 170 expert technicians by managing 80000 references from 16 partner manufacturers.
  • IT, a team of 7 people develops and maintains our business information system and our IT equipment.

We are prepared for technological convergence between all consumer electronics products. That’s why, we have developed a strong activity of repairing TVs, tablets, laptops, connected products going today to the repair of e-scooter.

Our 5 sales representatives are at your disposal to satisfy and control you, understand the market and anticipate changes (click here to see contacts).